I am just starting out what exactly are the costs for me to use ad hoc?

The £99.00 joining fee, everybody pays this regardless of contract or ad hoc and a £2.31 a week maintenance fee is paid by all members. You do not need to book a certain amount of hours at all.

In year 1 you would pay £99.00 (one off joining fee), a £25.00 deposit on the booking system to activate it and £10.00 a month fee.

In year 2 you just pay the £2.31 fee each week.

I just want the room for 1 hour a month. Do I have to join?

No,  you can just pay the room hire. As a rule of thumb, it is 300% of the hourly rate. So if the room was £18.90 an hour you would pay £56.70 an hour. The most cost-effective room (4) being £12.50 an hour would equate to £37.50 an hour hire fee.

Are the rooms the same price?

Yes, during peak times.

During off-peak times the room prices vary on the size starting at £12.50 p.h. to £15.90 p.h.

I want the security to have the same room all day every week, is that possible?

Sure, you can book the rooms out for a whole day, half day or week and if for example you have a change of plan and don’t need the room you could put your available hours on the booking system and get the money refunded.

How much is the monthly fee ON CONTRACT for the large room for 4 hours during the day on a Monday?

The cost would be £158.40 payable on the 1st of every month.