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Room Fees are from – £37.50p.h to £56.70 p.h. dependant on the time of day.

Please Contact Me Directly

Penny Ashburn

0207 503 0118

Member Therapists Costs Are Below

(those who have been accepted to join and paid the fee) 

Costs and Cancellations of Members Hiring Therapy Rooms

We have made our fees as low as possible to help you with your clients
The day is split between peak and off peak

Off Peak  7:00am-4:30pm             Off Peak 9.00pm-11.00pm

Peak  4:30pm-9:00pm

Ad Hoc Members  (pay as you go)

Off Peak from £12.50 per hour        Peak  £18.90 per hour

Please click on “The Rooms” tab above for specific prices for specific rooms

Do you need same hour-same day-same room?
No problem. Reserve all year and only pay on the first of the month for that month’s bookings, even for 1 hour a week

Contract Members (contract for a year)
Contract with a notice/break clause

Please click on “The Rooms” tab above for specific prices for specific rooms

Off peak 
7:00am- 4:30pm & 9.00pm to 11.00pm – from £12.50 per hour
4:30pm- 9.00pm – £15.90 per hour

Room Availability
The average availability is about 85%. So that’s an 85% chance of getting a room even on the next day
Peak room slots are more in demand, but you should be ok with a block booking of 4 hours or more in 3 weeks after joining or an ad hoc peak hour about a week after joining

Cancellation Periods
Off peak is 24 hours notice
Peak cancellation is a rolling 5 days.

Last minute cancellations can also attract a refund sometimes if picked up by another therapist giving you a 50% return.

Maintenance Member Fee (minimum 12 months)
An active member charge of £2.31 a week is payable towards maintenance of the centre to keep it looking pristine and is dependent on approval of joining and a small deposit of £25.00 which will be refunded when you leave.

Other benefits of working at 45 could include (subject to approval*)

  • listing on the prestigious City Of London Therapy Centre site where you will receive email alerts from new interested clients*
  •  24 hour manned answering service using an 0207 number*
  • access to the online booking system for you to manage your diary quickly and easily

Total Costs Of Joining The Centre

£99.00 joining fee

£2.31 per week maintenance member fee

(refundable deposit £25.00)